<96> + <96> = <new life>


technique of psycho-dynamic auto-therapy





In the south-western segment of the city limits of Berlin Ц where still Berlin's Koenigstrasse goes into already Potsdam's Berlinerstrasse, over calm waters of Havel is located the Glienicker Bridge (Glienicker Bruecke). The bridge is known by the fact that within a few decades of the Cold War captured spies of, respectively, the Northern Atlantic Pact Organisation and the Warsaw Pact countries were exchanged there. The border between East Germany and West Berlin crossed the bridge.


The bridge is one hundred ninety-two steps of an adult male of average height and normal physical build. Thus, each exchanged was to make ninety-six steps up to the middle dividing line (where there was an opportunity to look into the eyes of each other) and then as many more so that have to be completely within its territory, beyond the reach of the opposing side. It is clear that for any character of development of subsequent events, for each of the "defendants" those one hundred ninety-two steps were the beginning of a completely new life.





It is effective to get rid of continuous experience of seemingly intractable problems and other compulsive disorders.



1. Find yourself in a place which makes you able to walk in one direction long enough Ц open countryside, cityscape, etc.


2. Stop and stay. Choose a direction of your subsequent walking.


3. Start walking in the chosen direction, counting your steps.


4. Count up to ninety-six, continue to count your steps in reverse order Ц 95, 94, 93 ...


5. Having exhausted the countdown of your steps, at the last of them, say (out loud or to yourself) Ц "zero".


Your next step will be the first one in your new life.



Igor Savchenko

Minsk, May 2010