Igor Savchenko, 1997

The works of this project are «textual photography»: photography presented in the textual form, without any specially created image.

1.97-1, The Photo Which He Nevertheless Has Made in Spite of All Strangeness of Such Desire
1.97-2, The Photo Which He Has Made Attempting to Anticipate Subsequent Events
1.97-3, The Shimmering Sunlight Accurately Hiding His Uncertainty
1.97-4, Unavowed Rivalry of Sunlight with Himself Reflected in This Lake
1.97-5, The Sunlight Sending Hope-Giving Signals by His Hidden Presence
1.97-8, The Sunlight Hardly Keeping Himself within the Bounds of the Generally Used Conceptions of Him
2.97-1, The Snow-Flakes Attempting by Their Falling to Slow down the Time Passing
2.97-2, Time Selecting from These Snow-Flakes Those Falling Regularly So That to Correct Its Passing Got Went out of
2.97-3, The Bird Flying over the Field, by Her Wings Slicing the Layers of Time
2.97-4, The Bird Flown over the Forest Having Left the Turbulent Torrents of Time
2.97-5, The Snow-Flakes Habitually Counting Time Passing over This Forest
2.97-6, Time Obediently Slowing down Its Passing Being over This Field
2.97-7, The Bird Flying over The Forest Disturbing the Settled Time Passing over It
2.97-8, Unpredictable Consequences of Momentary Mixing the Secret Desires of This Forest and the Bird Flying over It
2.97-10, The Dyeing Away Dusk Light Waiting Until This Bird, Flying Along the Edge of the Forest, Will Venture to Cross Its Border
2.97-11, The Cloud Which Has Mistaken in Choosing the Moment of Its Reflecting in This Lake
2.97-12, Opposition of Hidden Aspirations of This Forest and All the Rest What Surrounds It
2.97-13, The Field Speeding Up the Gathering Dusk over It
2.97-14, The One Who Keeps on Being Interested in Maintaining the Difference in the Speeds of Time Passing: over This Field and the Surrounding Forest
2.97-15, The Forest Which Has Not Yet Made Up His Mind to Choose between the Sun- and the Moon-Light
2.97-16, The Sunlight Hiding His Secret Intentions and Keeping on the Regular Appearing during the Whole Prescribed Time
2.97-17, The Sunlight Accurately Keeping up the Illusion of His Constancy
2.97-18, The Bank of Clouds Already Wending Here Their Way to Eliminate – by Their Reflection in This Lake – the Misbalance Appeared
2.97-19, The Wind Calmed Down Not to Interfere by His Presence the Time Passing
2.97-20, A Twig Crunched Not Faraway, Having Immediately Eliminated a Nearly Appeared Misbalance in the Dusk Lighting
2.97-21, The Light Following a Secret Agreement and Accurately Keeping on the Illusion of Stability of Time Passing
2.97-22, The Forest Vaguely Suspecting the Loss of Its Inner Balance
2.97-23, The Seeming Freedom for the Sunlight to Go on
2.97-24, The Light and the Dark Vaguely Realizing Their Secret Intentions Are in Fact Coordinated
2.97-25, The Light and the Dark Dimly Suspecting Coincidence of Their Not Conceived Intentions
2.97-26, The Dark Unavowedly Favouring the Sunlight Going on
2.97-27, The Suspicious Refinement of Behavior of the Sunlight
2.97-28, The Sunlight Not Venturing to Realize His Real Intentions
2.97-29, The Fear of the Sunlight to Conceive His Real Intentions
2.97-30, The Bird Flown along This Forest Having Balanced the Influence of the Moon
2.97-31, The North-Western Wind Withstanding the Influence of the Moon
2.97-32, Sunset as the Accustomed Simulation of the Sunlight of His Total Dying Away
2.97-33, The Performance of Sunrises and Sunsets as a Way to Reach a Hidden Goal Not Yet Conceived by the Sunlight Himself
2.97-34, Illusory Advantages of the Moonlight
3.97-1, The Quiet Sign Given in the Depths of This Forest by the Maple Leaf Fallen Down
3.97-2, Seeming Indifference of the Light to Daily Re-Naming Him from the Sunlight into the Moonlight and Vice Versa
3.97-3, Snaking Indefinity of That Verge, Crossing over Which the Light Must Be Called the Darkness
5.97-1, Simulation of Irreversibility of Permanently Snaking Moment
5.97-2, Simulation of the Sunlight Penetrating through the Window and Illuminating a Limited Part of the Interior Space
6.97-1, The Two Clouds, One of Which Is Still Attached to the Earth
6.97-2, The One Who Deliberately Interferes into the Secret Relations of This Cloud and the Landscape Beneath It
6.97-3, The Cloud Faced with Inevitability to Make a Choice
6.97-4, A Way in Which This Cloud Will Get Influenced by the Decision Made by It
6.97-5, The Forest and the Field Reluctantly Recognizing Themselves in This White Cloud
6.97-6, The Sprig Crunched in the Forest, Having Compelled the Wind to Alter His Direction
6.97-7, Is There Difficulty to Alter the Wind’s Direction?
6.97-8, The Light Flowing over the Field, Not Allowing Himself Entering This Forest
6.97-9, The Forest, the Field, the Light and the Wind Hardly Accepted the Inevitability of a Coordinated Interpretation of Them
6.97-10, The Forest Suppressing All the Attempts of Interpretation of His Intentions
6.97-11, Hope Giving Immutability of the Wind’s Intentions, Being Confirmed by the Changeability of His Directions
6.97-12, The Landscape Being Still Sure in His Necessity in the Same Degree as He Has Been Being Before
6.97-13, The Forest Filtering Vibrations of the Sunlight and Letting in Only Those Meeting His Intentions
6.97-14, The Forest Filtering Vibrations of the Sunlight and Letting in Only Those Fitting His Possibilities
6.97-15, The Shadow of the Cloud Passed in the Dangerous Closeness
7.97-1, The Cloud Being Sure It Has Been Ever Existing
7.97-2, The Cloud Which Does Know What Will Occur to Him beyond This Forest, But Not Willing to Alter Its Way
7.97-3, The Time Shift Between Changing the Cloud’s Configuration and Following That by Its Shadow
7.97-4, The Cloud Already Entered the Zone of Influence of This Forest But Not Yet Realizing That
7.97-5, The Forest Expanding the Zone of His Influence
7.97-6, The Forest Expanding the Zone of His Interest
7.97-7, The Tree Being Situated in the Field But Nevertheless Influenced by the Forest
7.97-8, The Lake Reflecting Something Else besides the Surrounding Landscape
7.97-9, The Light Stripe Close to the Horizon, Attempting to Compensate All the Rest
8.97-1, The Seeming Locality of the Rain over This Forest
8.97-2, The One Who Is Aware in the Best Way of the Features of the Clouds Moonlit
8.97-3, The Provocatively Low Position of the Moon
8.97-4, Observing over the Moon through the Branches of Conifers
8.97-5, Seeming Absence of Complicated After-Effects of the Appearing of the Moon over This Forest
9.97-5, The One Doubted the Conception of Sunrise as a Recurring Event
9.97-6, An Estimation of Probability of Sunrise on the Next Day
9.97-7, All That What Makes Sunset More Preferable Than Sunrise
9.97-8, Delusive Impressions Engendered by Dusk Light
9.97-9, Fatal Viability of Illusion of Recurrence of Sunsets and Sunrises