Schoolkids Occurring on Your Way


spatial-temporal object






A boy is walking to school. Walking from a village called Leonding that is close to the town of Linz in Austria. It is not close to go, but the road is not heavy – the surrounding hills are not so steep, and at every step all sorts of interesting things can be met. If not get distracted by anything, the road will take about forty minutes, though the boy's curiosity almost never makes it to become shorter than fifty minutes, and then an hour. But the boy is disciplined enough to be  always in time at Steingasse 6, where his school building is located. After classes, he is doing the same route back home, where his parents are waiting for him: the father, a pensioner by the name Alois, and mother, a housewife by the name Klara. Their family name is Hitler. And the boy is called Adolf. It is springtime of 1901. The boy is twelve years old.




Description of the object


All schoolkids of young and mid school age, occurring on your way anywhere in the world, anytime, under any circumstances, in groups and individually.




Note / Remark


Peer into schoolkids' faces occurring on your way.




Igor Savchenko

Graz, March 2011