The Titles to Photos (textual photography, 1997)

Actions (text, altered and non-altered living environment, 1997 our days)

Spatial-Time Objects, Processes, Occurrences, Functions, Systems (text, virtual installation, non-altered living environment, 1999 our days)

Nach Osten. Bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell (text, audio, video, 1994-2002)

A Small Research on Contemporary Encrypted Radio Transmissions (text, audio, 1999)

Art-dealer and Artist. New York, late 1990s (audio, 1997-98)

Yevgeny Primakov Is U-turning His Plane Over the Atlantic, March 24, 1999 (fragments of radio communications with Moscow and ground flight control services) (audio, 1999)

Sergeyevs Temptation (art-object-book: short stories, photographs, 2001)

Forbidden Heights (a set of three audio CD: audio, text, 2002)

About love (text, virtual installation, non-altered living environment, 2004)

Taking Pictires (text, photo negatives, glass, 2008)

Nine, Eight, Six. General Field Marshal Keitels Three Numbers (text, 2009)

<96> + <96> = <new life> (text, 2010)

Twenty Seven Seconds. Demiurge's Practicing (text, 2010)

Schoolkids Occurring on Your Way (text, 2011)

Two Slogans (text, 2012)

Tautology (text, digital photographs, 2012)

Klara. Blondi (digital photographs, 2014)

Dr. Goebbels. In the blue sky (audio, 2014)

Dr. Goebbels. As soon as spring comes (text, 2014)

Im here, Mom (audio, 2014)

1914 (digital photograph, 2021)

Short Stories (2001-2012)


about 100 textual pieces from 2012-2021 are still to be translated from Russian